Ryobi vs. Greenworks: Who Makes Better Garden Tools (2022)

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Anybody on the hunt for reliable and powerful garden tools would narrow down their list with the offerings from Ryobi and Greenworks. Why? Both the manufacturer offers top-notch options for the money! But what if you put Ryobi vs. Greenworks against each other? Will you get one as the winner?

Well, the answer is not just a simple yes or no. There is so much to talk about regarding the comparison. And we will cover it all in this in-depth discussion. So, if you want to know all about the topic and pick a proper gardening tool from the right manufacturer, you should stick until the end.

Ryobi vs. Greenworks

The thing about Ryobi and Greenworks is that both manufacturers offer a broad range of outdoor tools. That includes a chainsaw, lawnmower, trimmers, blowers, and others. And the discussion would get pretty lengthy if we talked about each of them.

So, instead, we will focus only on the lawnmowers because we believe most of the gardeners would prioritize getting a proper lawnmower instead of a chainsaw or other tools. And looking at the mowers alone can tell you which manufacturer makes better overall garden tools.

That said, the things that make the lawnmowers from both of these brands stand are as follows:


The first thing that separates the Greenworks lawnmowers from the Ryobi lawnmower is power. Ryobi has a broad range of 40V Lithium mowers. The manufacturer has designed them in such a way that they offer gas-like power. Also, they have integrated brushless motors for the offerings.

With the 40V models, you can expect to get up to half an acre’s worth of cutting time. And this trait makes the mowers a perfect pick for small garden owners.

On the other hand, the most popular offerings from Greenworks are the 48V options. Most of these models will provide a third of an acre’s mowing time. If you compare the overall power, the Greenworks models offer a bit less.


Even though the power is a bit low for the Greenworks models, they can provide up to 45 minutes of run time. That is pretty much neck and neck with what Ryobi is offering with their 40V models. However, Greenworks shines the most in the fade-free power delivery mechanism.

Greenworks even went a step ahead and integrated a good memory loss-resistant system, which will enhance the performance of the batteries.

In comparison, most of the mowers from Ryobi will utilize a single battery system. Those will pack less amount of punch and will not be capable of providing the fade-free power delivery system that Greenworks is offering with their 48V models.


In terms of features, one of the crucial things about mowers is the user experience. Well, Ryobi focuses on the push-buttons for most of the models. These buttons make the task of starting the engine a piece of cake.

Greenworks does offer the same type of mechanism with their models, but there is an additional feature. The models will come with a pulling safety key. This key can ensure that you do not accidentally start the engine.

Another thing about the Greenworks mowers is that some will come with a foldable design. That will make it easy to store the lawnmowers after you are done operating them. Also, the batteries of Greenworks will usually have a USB port. You can use it to charge up your phone and small electronic devices.

On the other hand, Ryobi will include clipping bags with some of their models. That bag will make it easier to clean up after you are done with the mowing task. And some of the Ryobi models will come with LED headings. With those, you can mow at dusk or dawn without facing many issues.


The 40V models from Ryobi will come with an easy single-point adjustment mechanism. This system will allow you to adjust the cutting position easily. You will not need to handle any additional tools, nor will you need to worry about modifying any parts of the mower.

On the other hand, some of the offerings from Greenworks will come with a seven-point adjustable mechanism. Those will let you change the height to seven predefined positions. But you will not have the option to set the height at the position of your choice.

Highlights of Ryobi Mowers

  • The 40V models pack a good punch in terms of power
  • Provides half an acre’s worth of cutting time
  • Most of the models have an easy push button
  • Will feature a single-point adjustment mechanism on the 40V models
  • Some will include a clipper bag

Highlights of Greenworks Mowers

  • The 48V models boast a fade-free power delivery mechanism
  • Some models will come with a safety key on the power button
  • Most mowers have no memory loss after the charging period
  • Utilizes foldable design
  • Some mowers will have a USB port on the battery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Greenworks garden tools expensive?

Not really! Greenworks have a broad lineup of garden tools. They have options for both the budget-conscious and people with no budget. So, if you are finding the garden tools of Greenworks a bit too expensive, try to see what other options they have to offer.

  • Is the Ryobi One+ Trimmer plus blower a good pick?

The Ryobi One+ Trimmer plus blower has a highly compatible battery. It works with 100 other different tools that Ryobi has to offer. Also, the tool offers good overall performance for the money. For that reason, we would say that it is a great pick.

  • Do Ryobi and Greenworks mowers have safety features?

Yes, the mowers from both brands have safety mechanisms in place. Even the lower-end models will have a basic safety system. So, you will not have to worry too much while you are operating them.


When it comes to Ryobi vs. Greenworks, Ryobi will win in terms of power and adjustability if you consider the mowers alone. And Greenworks lawn mower models will have an edge when it comes to features and battery.

The story will be pretty much the same with Greenworks and Ryobi chainsaw or trimmers, blowers, and others. So, we can conclude that both of them are better at offering gardening tools. But you should get the one that checks the things you prioritize.

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