10 Greenworks Lawn Mower Reviews, Best Picks & Buyer’s Guide 2022

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Gone are those days when you had to deal with engine oil, pulling the starter, and disturbing noise while using a lawn mower. There are some powerful gas-like battery-powered or electric alternatives in the market. Greenworks is one of those manufacturers that have pretty reliable and great performing electric mowers.

So far, Greenworks have more than 50 models in their product lineup. After doing intensive research for several days, I was able to make this list of 10 mowers with the highest ratings.

In Greenworks Lawn Mower reviews, I primarily focused on cutting deck size, functionalities, adjustments, and battery runtime to make it easier for you to understand which one will suit your lawn maintenance requirements the best.

Available Types of Lawn Mower in Greenworks

Depending on how the user operates, Greenworks have primarily 2 types of lawn mowerspush and self-propelled mowers. Performance-wise, there isn’t that much of a difference. But, you need to pick a type from these two, depending on your lawn or yard size.

However, you might have read about other different types of mowers, most of them come under these 2 primary categories except for the riding mowers.

  1. Push Lawn Mowers

This type is the most common and widely available in the market. You’ll need a push-type lawn mower if your yard is flat and small. However, you can also use it for a mid-size yard as long as you can do the muscle-work to maneuver the unit across the field.

As the title says, you’ll have to push the mower to move it forward. It will depend on your muscle strength and pushing ability. Keep in mind that the weight of these mowers varies depending on the deck size. The larger the deck, the heavier the mower would be, and the more muscle strength the machine will require from you.

Typically, the size of the cutting deck of push lawn mowers is between 16-22 inches. A 16-20 inches mower would be most suitable for a small yard. For a mid-sized field, you’ll need a 20-22 inches mower.

  1. Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

People mostly use these mowers for larger yards. If you own a ¼ to ¾ acre lawn, you better opt for a self-propelled unit.

Unlike the previous one, a self-propelled unit doesn’t require you to push it to move it forward. It advances on its own, all you have to do is hold the handle to direct the mower in the right direction. This significantly reduces hand fatigue, which is normal to face mowing a larger area using a push mowing unit.

Additionally, there are 2 types of push mowers depending on the wheel drive.

1. Front Drive Pushers

These are the most suitable for small-mid-sized yards. The mower allows the front wheels to swivel taking 180-degree turns.

2. Rear Wheel Drive

For steep hills and open yards, this is the type of push mower you should get. It provides much better steering control. But, it’s hard to take sharp turns.

Push Lawn Mower vs Self-Propelled

A quick comparison between these two types of mowers are given below –

  Push Lawn Mower Self-Propelled
Driving Mechanism Requires muscle strength Moves itself, easy to direct
Lawn Size Small to medium Medium to large
Suitable for Open small yard Steep hills, uneven, and wide-open yards
Ease of Maneuvering Difficult Easy
Affordability Inexpensive Relatively expensive
Push Lawn Mower vs Self-Propelled

Greenworks Lawn Mower Reviews

Depending on your yard size, preferable functionality, and budget, you can pick one from the variety of products that are reviewed below.

  1. Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower

For your mid-sized lawn or yard, this 20-inch lawn mower comes with a dual-blade system to tackle grass efficiently. Cutting quality is something you can expect from gas-powered mowers. Regardless of the yard condition, the finish seems smooth and quite satisfying.

Being a lightweight mower, it won’t require much effort from you. Also, it stays relatively quiet while mowing.

Battery Runtime

Being a cordless machine, it doesn’t run out of battery too quickly. 2 included batteries will last long enough to finish mowing your mid-sized yard. You can operate this machine for up to 45 minutes per charging cycle.

The batteries get recharged pretty quickly for further convenient user experience.

Position Adjustments

Depending on your yard, you can adjust the height in 5 positions. Also, 10-inch rear wheels maneuver effortlessly even across rough terrains.

Smart Cutting Technology

As the grass thickness isn’t the same in all areas, the mower adjusts the power as per the grass thickness to make the runtime more efficient and long-lasting.

Quiet Operation

The operation noise is lower than what a typical vacuum cleaner produces. So, if your neighborhood is sensitive to sound, this won’t bother anyone living there.


  • Type: Push
  • Cutting Deck: 20-inch
  • Blade Type: Dual-blade
  • Adjustment: 5-position adjustment settings
  • Rear Wheel: 10-inch
  • Included Battery: One 4Ah and one 2Ah batteries


  • Cutting quality is great for its dual-blade system
  • Runs relatively quieter than conventional mowers
  • Various height adjustments to cut grass from rugged locations
  • Long battery runtime, batteries get recharged quickly
  • Doesn’t require much maintenance


  • Engine shuts off for overheating

Short Verdict

If you got a mid-sized uneven lawn or yard, you can leave the mowing hassle to this machine. In return, it will maintain the lawn in the most efficient way possible.
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  1. Greenworks 40V 16-Inch Electric Push Lawn Mower

This one from Greenworks is a bit smaller in size, designed for mowing small to mid-sized lawns or yards. You will find its cutting power sufficient to tackle thick grass and stuff well. The cutting height is adjustable for versatile cutting needs.

16-Inch Cutting Deck

You might be wondering how well this 16-inch cutting deck will handle thicker grass. Well, the cutting effectiveness is actually pretty good. However, as the deck is smaller, you will have to spend more time mowing a mid-sized lawn.


As it’s a smaller machine, the noise isn’t much noticeable from a distance. So, your neighborhood won’t have anything to complain about.

Battery Runtime

Although Greenworks advertises the machine to provide 40 minutes of runtime, the real-life mowing tells a different story. It’s never close to 40 minutes. You might get 20-30 minutes of runtime depending on the grass size and thickness. So, better get a secondary battery for interruption-free runtime.

2-in-1 Machine

You can use the machine for mulching as well. While using it for this purpose, there was no grass splash on pants. So, it’s a nice advantage you will get from it.


  • Type: Push
  • Cutting Deck: 16-inch
  • Adjustment: 5-poisition adjustment settings
  • Battery Runtime: Up to 45 minutes
  • Battery Capacity: 4Ah
  • Mulching and bagging


  • Decent mowing ability for a small-sized machine
  • Ideal for small to mid-sized lawns or yards
  • 5 height adjustments to mow tough yards
  • Pretty lightweight to push, effortless mowing sessions
  • Can be used for mulching without having any splash on pants


  • Battery runtime isn’t satisfactory

Short Verdict

If you can get a secondary battery pack, this can be the right mowing machine for your small yard maintenance.
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  1. Greenworks Pro 80V 21-Inch Push Lawn Mower

If you are to get an alternative to a gas-powered mower, Greenworks has this 80V machine to deliver you more power to maintain your lawn or yard. To be precise, the mower is 72V volts. 80V is just a marketing thing. But, at the end of the day, the overall cutting performance is pretty good from this.

Cutting Deck

The deck is about 21-inches. You can maintain any mid-sized lawn or yard easily. The mower handles thicker and taller grass without many issues. However, for wet and taller grass, you might have to slow down a bit to get the perfect finish while pushing the mower.

3-in-1 System

Most push lawn mower functions 2 ways, for mulching and rear bagging. This one isn’t any exception to that. In addition, this machine also side discharges grass. So if you frequently have to use the side discharge function for lawn maintenace, this mowing machine would be the right pick for it.

Adjustable Heights

With up to 7 height adjustments, you can pretty much cut grass of all sizes and thicknesses. This feature will help especially if you don’t regularly mow the yard.


After the battery is fully charged, you can expect the mower to run for up to 60 minutes. This is what Greenworks advertised and what is found after multiple real-life uses.


  • Type: Push
  • Cutting Deck: 21-inch
  • Adjustments: 7-position height adjustment settings
  • Rear Wheels: 10-inch
  • Battery Runtime: Up to 60 minutes
  • 3-in-1 mulching, bagging, and side discharge


  • Performance is near similar to powerful gas-powered lawn mowers
  • Stays relatively quiet during operation
  • Cuts tall and thick grass effectively
  • Power efficient motor performance
  • Battery lasts for a long time, recharges pretty fast
  • Easy to fold handles


  • Goes slow down while cutting taller grass

Short Verdict

As an 80V lawn mower, it can compete head-to-head with any gas-powered mowers. If you need a powerful cordless mower for the yard, this machine won’t let you down.
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  1. Greenworks 48V 20-inch Brushless Cordless Push Lawn Mower

Another cordless 20-inch mower is on the list for versatile lawn maintenance purposes. The cutting power and battery runtime will be the best for a mid-sized yard. Apart from other features, this one differentiates from others for its 4-in-1 system.

4-in-1 System

Mulching and rear bagging are common functions of most lawn mowers of this manufacturer. This one comes with side discharge and leaf pickup functions. You can leave the clippings on both sides of the blades or go for its leaf pickup system. This allows you to use the mower for versatile purposes.

However, mowing performance gets a bit slower for thicker grass. The same goes for mulching.

20-Inch Cutter Deck

The deck actually got a 19.5-inch blade. Greenworks placed the blade in such a way to make sure cuts are very close when it’s at its lowest height. Cutting performance is pretty good. But you might have to go slow for thicker objects. The blade will easily survive sticks and rocks on the field without any issues.

Cutting speed in side discharge mode is actually faster. It cuts thicker grass without wasting the clippings.

Maneuverability and Height Adjustments

By default, the blade stays quite lower to the ground. You can adjust the height as per the yard condition. The mower got a single level height adjustment, which is spring loaded. You can adjust the height quickly with one hand.

Battery Runtime

Using the cordless option, you will get around 45 minutes of run time with two 4 Ah batteries. Each battery is sufficient enough for a small yard. But if you are to maintain a larger yard, you’ll need a second battery.


  • Type: Push
  • Cutting Deck: 20-inch
  • Battery Runtime: Up to 45 minutes
  • Single Lever Height Adjustment
  • 4-in-1 mulching, bagging, leaf picking, and side discharge


  • Quite satisfactory cutting performance from a mower like this
  • Battery lasts about 40-45 minutes
  • Quieter operation even with the highest setting
  • Side discharge is pretty fast
  • Versatile mowing machine for professional-level yard maintenance


  • Mulching and mowing get slow deal with thicker grasses
  • Only 1 height adjustment setting

Short Verdict

If you need mulching, side discharge, and leaf pickup functions other than just mowing, the machine is worth considering.
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  1. Greenworks Pro 80V 21-Inch Brushless Cordless Push Mower with 8-Inch Brushless Edger

This unit is exactly the same as the 3rd mower on the list. The deal includes an edger, so the price goes a bit higher for this.

It’s already a powerful machine, capable of handling heavy mowing loads, the additional edger makes it a perfect package for house owners for maintaining clean lines around walkways, driveways, and whatnot.

21-Inch Cutting Deck

For your mid-sized yard, a 21-inch cutting blade will be more than enough. It smartly deals with grass as well as sharp objects. However, for taller grass, the cutting speed gets a bit slower. So, you’ll have to push it slowly.

Battery Runtime

Powered by a 4 Ah battery, the mower machine can run up to 60 minutes as per the claim. However, it doesn’t last a full 1hr mowing. But, you’ll get 50 minutes of backup easily.


Talking about the edger, it has an 8-inch blade for side cuts. The battery lasts 60-70 minutes depending on the settings and grass conditions, thanks to its 80V battery for such a long runtime.

As far as trimming performance goes, it seems like professional-level work. Your sidewalks, patios, driveways, etc., will look neat and clean without putting in much effort. You can adjust the speed as per the condition of the edges.

Although the manufacturer claims that the edger has an adjustable grip and pole length, adjusting these isn’t that easy.

However, you will find the auxiliary handle quite comfortable to hold while using the mowing tool.


  • Type: Push
  • Cutting Deck: 21-inch
  • Adjustments: 7-position height adjustment settings
  • Battery Runtime: Up to 60 minutes, 1 hour for edger
  • 3-in-1 mulching, bagging, and side discharge


  • Very effective cutting deck for mid-sized yards
  • More than 40 minutes of runtime
  • Pretty good at side discharge as well as mulching
  • Adjustable heights for versatile needs
  • Edger trims effectively with long battery runtime


  • Taller grass slows down the cutting speed a bit

Short Verdict

The deal is worth it if you need an edger along with a powerful mowing machine. When compared to any gas-powered model, this mower performs really well. So, yeah, it can be the right alternative to a gas-powered unit.
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  1. Greenworks 48V 20-inch Cordless Push Lawn mower + 24V Brushless Drill

Although this one only has a 20-inch cutting deck, the power it delivers is sufficient for a small yard and can even work pretty well for a mid-sized lawn. With the package, you will get a 24V brushless drilling machine, which makes the deal pretty hard to skip.

20-Inch Cutting Deck

The mower spots a 20-inch steel cutting deck to take care of all cleaning hassles. It handles cutting thick, tall, and moist grass pretty well. However, for taller grass, you’ll have to push the mower a bit slow to get desired cutting results.

4-in-1 System

Other than cutting grass, you can use this machine for mulching, side discharge, as well as leaf pickup. The mulching performance is really beyond expectation. However, it struggles a bit while mulching moist grass.

If you are to leave the clippings on the field, the side discharge option will come useful. Compared to a gas-powered machine, the grass-catching function of this unit performs really well.

Battery Runtime

Greenworks included 2 batteries with the mower. Both batteries combined, you can operate the mower for up to 40 minutes, which might not meet the claimed  45 minutes runtime.

24V Brushless Drill

The drilling unit that this package ships with comes with a chuck compatible with 1/16 to ½ inch bits. You can set the torque and use it as a regular drilling machine. However, it isn’t used as a hammering drill.


  • Type: Push
  • Cutting Deck: 20-inch
  • Adjustments: 7-position height adjustment settings
  • Rear Wheels: 10-inch
  • Battery Runtime: Up to 45 minutes
  • 4-in-1 mulching, bagging, leak pickup, and side discharge


  • Powerful cutting deck performs similar to a low-end gas-powered mower
  • Versatile purpose mowing machine for lawn maintenance
  • Adjustable height to meet the field conditions
  • Effective mulching performance when grass is dry
  • Up to 40 minutes of runtime
  • Comes with a light-duty drill unit


  • Operating speed gets slow dealing with taller grass and wet mulching

Short Verdict

For a small-mid sized yard, this model got all the mowing for proper maintenance. In addition, you will get a drill unit for various DIY projects.
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  1. Greenworks 48V 20-inch Brushless Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

This one is almost the same as the previously reviewed product, except for the fact that it’s a self-propelled unit. Meaning it doesn’t require you to push to mow the lawn. With two 24V batteries, you can pretty much tackle a mid-sized yard before the batteries die.

20-Inch Cutting Deck

Comes with a 20-inch steel cutting deck, the blade does its job flawlessly. Cutting tall and thick grass won’t be a matter of disappointment for you. In fact, you will pretty much get cutting results similar to an average gas-powered mower.

Mowing a mid-sized yard shouldn’t take too long for its 20-inch long blade.

Self-Propelled Function

Compared to push mowers, self-propelled ones are much easier to control and use. This one comes with variable speed control, which you can adjust as per the grass condition. You will be able to finish mowing faster without putting much stress on the back.

Battery Runtime

The unit ships with two 24V batteries. So, technically, 48V should last up to 40 minutes, if not 45 minutes as advertised. However, the runtime may vary depending on the yard condition and grass size, and thickness.

Vertical Storage

Similar to other Greenworks mowers, you can store this unit vertically in a small space in your garage or anywhere else.

Brushless Motor

Its brushless motor performs efficiently in the field while not being too noisy. You can expect years-long service longevity from the motor as it doesn’t require maintenance.


  • Type: Self-propelled
  • Cutting Deck: 20-inch
  • Rear Wheels: 10-inch
  • Battery Runtime: Up to 40 minutes
  • Variable Speed Control


  • Performance can be compared with a gas-powered mower
  • Effective cutting ability in different conditions
  • Multiple speed control for more efficient operation
  • Easy to adjust height in multiple positions
  • Foldable handles and easy storability


  • Times time to cut taller grass

Short Verdict

If you got any back pain issues and need a mowing unit for a mid-sized yard, this one won’t disappoint you whatsoever.
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  1. Greenworks Pro 80V 21-Inch Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

This self-propelled model got a bit larger cutting deck for mid-sized or larger yards. You will get a decent battery runtime to finish mowing tasks. All the adjustment settings are there to make sure it perfectly goes with your lawn type.

21-Inch Cutting Deck

The larger cutting deck cuts more grass per swipe. This is really useful for mid-sized or larger yards. You can expect it to perform much better than an average gas-powered machine.

While cutting grass, there can be sharp objects, rocks, etc. elements in the yard, but the steel blade inside the deck can handle them all.

Smart Cut Technology

Depending on the condition of the yard and grass size as well as thickness, this mowing machine increases and decreases blade speed for more efficient cutting. However, when it’s at its highest settings, you might notice some grasses are left uncut. So, you might need to go a bit slower while mowing in this case.

45 Minutes Battery Runtime

Not all Greenworks lawn mowers deliver the advertised battery runtime. However, this one seems to be one of a few machines that provide nearly 45 minutes of backup. However, the time will decrease when operated at the highest settings. But, overall, 45 minutes is easily achievable.


Mulching becomes really fun when you use this mowing machine. It effectively cuts clippings and leaves on the yard without compromising on the nutrients.


  • Type: Self-propelled
  • Cutting Deck: 21-inch
  • Rear Wheels: 10-inch
  • Battery Runtime: Up to 45 minutes
  • 3-in-1 cutting, mulching, side discharge functions
  • Variable Speed Control


  • Pretty powerful mowing machine to tackle mid-sized lawns
  • Mulches quite well as professional gas mowers
  • Motor stays quiet in normal settings
  • Doesn’t take much space, is foldable, and vertically storable
  • Can be an ideal alternative to power gas mowers


  • Difficult to empty the bag
  • Knobs on the handle spin easy, making it bothersome to hold the handle

Short Verdict

For yards that are larger than average ones, this self-propelled machine would be a good pick. The runtime is as advertised, and batteries get fully charged quickly.
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  1. Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1 Electric Corded Lawn Mower

If you don’t want to spend more money on a battery-powered lawn mower, a corded option would be the right option to go for, considering the price factor. This 20-inch mower comes at almost half the price of other battery-powered mowers, and it’s more powerful.

20-Inch Cutting Deck

When it’s about cutting grass, this one performs flawlessly. The blade is durable enough to withstand the contact of sharp and hard objects. For cutting tall grass, you will have to go slow to get effective cutting results.

3-in-1 System

Greenworks advertises it as a 3-in-1 capable machine. It cuts really well. But, when it comes to mulching, the results aren’t that satisfactory. It barely cuts clippings without clogging up. So, if mulching is one of your priorities, you better opt for a more powerful option.

7-Position Adjustment

Depending on the lawn condition, you can make height adjustments for more efficient cutting performance. Adjusting the height is quite easy for its single level mechanism. Even senior citizens can do it, and operate the mower without much difficulty.

Cordless Option

Being a cordless mower, it delivers more power than a typical battery-powered unit. However, you will have to take care of the cable management. Greenworks provides a clip to secure the extension cord to ensure the machine doesn’t get unplugged while mowing.


  • Type: Self-propelled
  • Cutting Deck: 20-inch
  • Rear Wheels: 10-inch
  • Adjustments: 7-position height adjustments
  • Power Source: 12 Amp motor
  • 3-in-1 cutting, mulching, side discharge functions
  • Variable Speed Control


  • Powerful only for mowing different sizes of grass
  • Runs quietly even at high settings
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Easy single lever height adjustments
  • Ideal for storing in a small garage


  • Doesn’t mulch that well

Short Verdict

If you need a cordless mowing machine that does an excellent grass cutting job, this would be a value for money pick. However, for mulching, it’s not suitable.
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  1. Greenworks 40V 21-inch Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Last but not the least, a powerful self-propelled mower with 3-in-1 capabilities. For a mid-sized to a bit larger lawn, you will find this machine powerful enough regardless of the grass condition.

21-Inch Cutting Deck

The deck is 1-inch larger than typical mowers. So, for each pass, it can cover wider areas. Cutting performance is excellent. Even if the grasses are tall and thick, the machine got powerful enough to cut them with just one pass, even at full speed.

However, mulching performance isn’t that good compared to cutting performance. It tends to leave clumps of grass often.

Battery Runtime

Although this one packs a 5Ah battery, using it as a self-propelled unit, it lasts only 25 minutes. If you use it like a push mower, you will get around 40 minutes of runtime.


If your lawn got a lot of uneven spots, you will find its 7-height adjustment settings extremely useful. Using the single-level mechanism, adjusting the mower is super convenient even for an older person.

Brushless Motor

Even though it’s such a powerful and gas-like mower, it remains relatively quieter while mowing as well as mulching.


  • Type: Self-propelled
  • Cutting Deck: 21-inch
  • Rear Wheels: 10-inch
  • Adjustments: 7-position height adjustments
  • Battery Runtime: Up to 25 minutes
  • 3-in-1 cutting, mulching, side discharge functions
  • Variable Speed Control


  • Deals with tall and thick grass with ease
  • Much quieter operation compared to a gas mower
  • Easy to adjust the height
  • Can be used as a push mower for saving battery
  • Cuts wider area with each pass


  • Poor battery runtime when used as a self-propelled mower
  • Mulching performance isn’t good

Short Verdict

For mowing a small to mid-sized lawn, you will find this self-propelled unit quite efficient. If you got a larger yard, be sure to use it like a push mower to get longer battery life.
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Buyers Guide on How to Choose a Greenworks Lawn Mower

Technically, you can pick any random lawn mower by going through the above Greenworks Lawn Mower reviews, and start cutting grass using it. 

But, your lawn maintenance preference, lawn size, convenience, etc. factors should be considered before you opt for a mowing machine to make the purchase worth it. If this is the first time you’re about to get one, keep the following things in mind.


Which type of lawn mower you would need, depends on the lawn size. If it’s a small area without many steep hills, go for a push mower. This option is quite affordable.

You would need a self-propelled mower for a mid-large yard. Also, for steep hills, this option is the most suitable. You can easily cover the entire lawn area without much effort from your side.

I’ve written in detail about this matter just after the introduction part of this article.

Power Option – Cordless or Corded

In this Greenworks Lawn Mower reviews, I included both cordless and corded options. Corded mowers are usually more powerful but lack flexible maneuvering as you will have to deal with the power plug and extension cable. This option is more affordable.

Battery-powered or cordless mowers are more expensive and last 20-45 minutes, depending on the battery pack capacity.

Greenworks lawn mowers come with either a 2Ah or 4Ah battery system. From a 2Ah battery pack, you will get roughly 20-25 minutes of runtime, which is ideal for mowing a small yard. This smaller battery pack is used in smaller-sized mowers.

Mowers with a 4Ah battery provide a runtime of up to 45 minutes. If your lawn size is large, opt for this option.

However, for a self-propelled unit, you will get around 25 minutes of runtime out of a 4Ah battery. So, to get more juice out of it, you might have to turn off the self-propelled mode and use the mower as a push-forward unit.

Keep in mind that the battery runtime will vary depending on the mowing setting and grass conditions.

Cutting Deck Size

Usually, the size of the cutting deck ranges from 16 to 22 inches. For small-mid-sized yards, a 16-20 inches cutting deck is the most appropriate size.

If you got a larger yard, opt for a unit with at least 20 inches of cutting deck. It will cover more areas per pass, and you can finish mowing faster.

Keep in mind that a larger cutting deck would add more weight to the overall weight of the unit. For a push mower, you will have to use more muscle strength to push a larger mowing machine.


If your lawn has a lot of steep hills and uneven grass, having the ability to adjust the height will be extremely useful while mowing. Affordable models come with at least 5 adjustments. Whereas more pricey mowers offer up to 7 height adjustments.


Most Greenworks mowers can catch and mulch grass. There are also units that can work in side discharge mode. 4-in-1 models come with the leaf pick up function as well.

So, depending on what type of treatment your lawn needs, opt for a unit that offers these functionalities.

History of Greenworks Lawn Mower

Greenworks was founded in 2002 by Mr. Yin Chen, a Chinese entrepreneur. His goal was to introduce electric-powered lawn mowers in order to replace gas-powered mowers. Since then, the company has manufactured around 50 different models of mowers, both battery-powered and corded options.

Their very first lithium-ion battery-powered lawn mower was manufactured in 2007 and was available in North America. In 2009, they stepped into the USA market, competing with top lawn mowers brands with attractive prices and great features of their mowing machines.

Currently, more than 45,000 workers work for this company in China, the USA, France, Germany, Korea, Vietnam, and Russia. Mr. Yin Chen wanted to make sure that the R&D department works 24 hours within different time zones so that the development never stops.

How to Use Your Greenworks Lawn Mower?

If you’ve previously used a lawn mowing machine, things would pretty much be the same with Greenworks mower as well.

However, if this is your first time with a mower, be sure to read the manual before proceeding to anything else. The user manual will get you a brief idea of how to assemble it and use it for your mowing purpose.

Steps to Use the Mower –

  1. Assemble the handles
  2. Adjust the electrical wire
  3. Attach the catcher or bagger, or mulcher
  4. Set height according to the lawn condition
  5. Install the included battery or batteries

For demonstration, be sure to check this video out to know more about this.

Why Choose Greenworks Over Other Brands

There are tons of brands that produce lawn mowers, but what differentiates Greenworks from others is their groundbreaking battery-powered mowing machines. Compared to other brands, Greenworks mowers are priced low and deliver more value to customers.

Here are several other major reasons why should you choose Greenworks over other brands –

  • Greenworks use strong 40V and 80V batteries in their mowing machines. Some models come with dual battery systems to deliver long runtime.
  • Recharging the batteries is quite fast. In fact, their mowers recharge faster than battery equipped mowers from other manufacturers.
  • Brushless motors used in their mowing machines are equivalent to the performance of 160cc gasoline lawn mowers.
  • Mowers operate quietly.
  • Their mowers are versatile in functionalities.

Safety Precaution for Using Greenworks Lawn Mower

Machines can make you injured if not operated with caution. The same goes for your lawn mower. Before you start using it, be sure to be careful about the following things –

  • Check your lawn for sharp and hard objects. If you find any, pick them up before mowing.
  • Wear appropriate shoes and long pants. You can wear goggles, hearing protection, etc., for added protection before using any power tools like chainsaws, sanders, etc.
  • Never ever insert your hands or feet into the mower to remove grass or debris. The blade can still be spinning when the machine is turned off. Use a broom handle or stick instead.
  • Before you pick up the mower, make sure it’s turned off, blade isn’t spinning, spark plug is disconnected, and the power cord is unplugged.
  • Don’t mow wet or damp grass.
  • Don’t let children under 12 years old operate the mower.
  • If your mower isn’t backward compatible, don’t attempt to operate in reverse.

Tips for Using Greenworks Lawn Mower

You can make the most out of your Greenworks mowing machine following the tips below –

  1. Set the Height to ⅓ of the Grass

If possible, always set the mower’s height to ⅓ of the grass height. Although this will make you mow more often, the grass can grow with more support and develop a deeper root system.

  1. Mow When Grass Is Dry

Wait until the early evening, this will make the grass dry due to sunlight. Mowing dry grass will be a much smoother operation than mowing wet and moist grass. Cutting wet grass can ruin the blade and also cause uneven trim.

  1. Mix Mowing Pattern

Mowing the grass in the same direction will make them lean towards the mowing direction. This will cause ruts in the yard. It’s always better to change the mowing direction.

  1. Mow When It’s Necessary

There’s no need to tie yourself to a strict mowing schedule. Consider the grass condition, growth pattern, and season to determine when mowing is needed. In spring, you might need to mow more often as this is the season when grass grows frequently.

This will also put less stress on the mowing machine, and increase its longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Greenworks lawnmowers any good?

Greenworks is one of the pioneers of battery-powered mowing machines. They have quite capable electric mowers in their product lineup that can compete with regular gasoline-powered lawn mowers. So, yeah, in terms of performance and cutting effectiveness, Greenworks lawn mowers are actually better than others.

  1. What company makes Greenworks lawn mowers?

Globe Group is the mother company of Greenworks. A substantial minority of shares of Globe Group is owned by Stihl Group. But the Stihl Group isn’t the owner company of Greenworks.

  1. How long does it take a Greenworks Lawn Mower battery charge?

Depending on the battery capacity, Greenworks Lawn Mowers battery gets fully charged in 30-60 minutes, which is a lot quicker than some of the leading lawn mower manufacturers.

  1. Can you disengage self-propelled lawn mower?

The Self-propelled system can be disengaged or disabled. However, the procedures will vary depending on the model and brand. It won’t damage the transmission. You can enable or engage the system again.

Short Description of Greenworks Lawn Mower Elements

If you aren’t familiar with Greenworks lawn mowers or haven’t used any mowing machine before, this section will help you to know the major elements of a mower.

  1. Mower Pan

The round-shaped part of the lawn mower is known as the cutting deck. Under this pan, you will find a blade that rotates when the mower runs. Depending on the cutting deck size, the blade size will vary.

  1. Handlebar

On the handlebar, you will find a push button to start or shut down the mower. Most Greenworks lawn mowers come with foldable handles for easy storage. Some units come with collapsible handles, which also ease storing ability.

  1. Brushless Motor

All Greenworks lawn mowers come with a brushless motor. Unlike engines on gasoline mowers, these motors produce much less noise and provide power efficient performance.

  1. Blades

As mentioned earlier, the blade is underneath the pan. Depending on the lawn mower model, your unit has either one or a dual-blade system. Dual-blade cutting system provides gas-like performance, and these models are more expensive.

Final Words

Considering the push mechanism, recommended model would be the Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower. This one has got a dual-blade cutting system along with smart cutting technology to provide the necessary cutting speed depending on the grass conditions.

If you are to get a self-propelled unit, you can consider getting this Greenworks Pro 80V 21-Inch Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower model as it has a wider cutting deck and a decent runtime to mow a large lawn faster.

Hope this article on Greenworks Lawn Mower reviews helped you decide which one you would need for your lawn maintenance.

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